About Ives Medicare

Ives Medicare is a managed care organisation registered in Nigeria and accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for the purpose of providing health insurance coverage for individuals, organized groups, corporate bodies and government parastatals to access pre-sold, high quality heathcare services from an exclusive networks of clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostics centres nationwide.

Ive Medicare has secured an outstanding position through product innovation, exclusivity of service provides, high standards of service, personalised healthcare and simplicity od process, our goal is to make a statement’ cause a movement too take the practice of care giving to a whole new level and we wish you join our bid to redefine healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

Our board members are eminent personalities with expansive knowledge in their various fields of business endeavours.

With a team of excellent, well-groomed professionals who have gained experience and developed multiple competencies in managed care and implementing a health plan over the years, we propose to offer a cost-efficient, quality option medical care to your organisation.

We nave blazed the innovation trail in the country through our first-of-its-kind, age and gender-specific urban community health plans.

We present you
“…health protection in your colours